Lonesome Highway (Ireland) Reviews Open Road, Broken Heart

Lonesome Highway (Ireland) Reviews Open Road, Broken Heart

True North is an acoustic Folk/Roots band that has released three previous albums prior to this new offering which surfaced in 2017. The playing is subtle and understated, giving the songs a cohesion and fluidity that makes the listening experience a very positive one. The vocals of Grainger are very engaging and the sweet melodies are quite hypnotic when listening on headphones; intimate and charged with a gentle longing. The harmony vocals with Dan Wetzel are very complimentary to Grainger’s voice and lend an added layer to the arrangements.

One-Way Ticket contains the lines that appear as the title of the album and the song is one of striking out for the future, changing circumstances and having the will to keep believing. Dark Horse Bar & Grill celebrates the solace of a local hostelry where there is “lots of free philosophy”. Ratio of Angels to Demons deals with the passing of a friend and does so in a very creative and poignant manner. The subject matter of some songs is somewhat bleak with titles like”I’m Gone, You Come Around, Sunday Night Blues and Without You handling the pain of separation and the feeling of being alone in the World.

However, these are balanced by the upbeat melodies of Seed, Leaf, Flower, Seed  a celebration of the Seasons and the inherent magic of Mother Nature, plus the ability to take the extraordinary from the everyday ordinary things as explored on Small Wonders.

A very impressive release and one that is well worth exploring further.

— Ronnie Norton

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