fROOTS (U.K.) Reviews Elsebound

True North Elsebound : Quite outstanding blend of bluegrass-derived music from Oregon band with outstanding singer and writer Kristen Grainger.  Her songs are first class and the

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Grainger’s voice soothes even as she sings of uncomfortable truths, as if to reassure that eventually, we’ll find our way toward becoming better people.

Mike Elliot Steven Ovadia
No Depression Magazine

There’s no overt country accent but her voice permeates the music like a fog, an inseparable component of each track.

Steven Ovadia
American Blues Scene

"Grainger’s lyrics are introspective, capturing bits of small town life in vignettes that are purposeful and infectious. True North is able to veer from its bluegrass influences to embrace country-pop balladry with open arms. What many groups lose in the fire of lightning-fast solos, True North exemplifies with style and artistry."

Kim Ruehl
West Coast Performer Magazine / No Depression

“Kristen Grainger’s singing is perfection. No gimmicks, nothing superfluous. Just amazing tone and killer songwriting. They [True North] are the perfect modern bluegrass band… Focusing around the terrific lead vocals of Kristen Grainger, the band shows what can happen when great songs meet great singers… This is a band making wonderful musical choices. They are going deeper than mere instrumental wind sprints and reworked standards. Highly recommended.”

Kate McKenzie
Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter

“Kristen [Grainger]’s vocalizing exhibits the intensity of a singer with breathtaking ability comparable to Laurie Lewis… The band is emerging in the Northwest as one of the most endearing and passionate contributors to the Northwest’s acoustic folk repertoire. Their craftsmanship and focus squarely put the emphasis on original material, deliberative arrangements, graceful guitar, and gorgeous vocals.”

Joe Ross
Staff writer, Bluegrass Now

“The band sounds quite good, and [Kristen Grainger’s] singing is lovely.”

Laurie Lewis
Grammy award-winning artist

“True North’s Pluck proves that you don’t need a big label or large budget to produce a fine album with first class sound. If you like your folk or bluegrass with a mellifluous edge, give True North’s Pluck a listen.”

Steven Stone
Vintage Guitar Magazine

“By far the strongest point of this band is the songwriting of members Kristen Grainger and Dan Wetzel, putting up four more great tunes this CD. ‘Til I Have You is a great opening song, tasty and very easy on the ears. Next is an excellent rendition of KD Lang’s Luck In My Eyes, right on and cool. Desiree McRae is a cooking bluegrass tune with guest Keith Arneson on the 5-string, drivin’ right along. What a neat groove the band finds on Friday Night, soooo cookin’… a perfect ending for a fine CD… Pluck is a hot CD with an excellent mix of bluegrass and near-bluegrass tunes with excellent recording values.”

Uptown Bluegrass

“Kristen Grainger and Dan Wetzel share in the lead vocals and are especially effective on “’Til I Have You” and “Friday Night.” In all, “Pluck” is a pleasant assortment of contemporary bluegrass that should expand the musical reputation of True North.”

Bluegrass Unlimited